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The Move From the 200 Building

by LOGAN THOMAS Staff Writer

At least sixteen teachers have moved into the 1000 building since its opening. However, some teachers have stayed in the same building.

Many teachers in the two hundred building were able to move into new rooms, some bigger, and some better for the type of class that is being taught. Dean of Students and Construction Liason Jonn Pisapia is the man that oversees all of the construction on campus, and is the lead person for the move. “A few teachers shared classes with one another so they were some of the biggest priorities to move,” said Pisapia. The teachers mainly asked to move to new rooms, but a few were moved simply because they needed a bigger classroom with better technology. “There weren't many complications with moving the teachers from the two hundred building, the problems were mostly with the one thousand building,” says Pisapia. The one thousand building had a few problems with getting the teachers into them. “Many seem to be happy with their move and new rooms. For some it has taken a bit to get used to, and others still aren’t even used to them yet," said Pisiapia.

Teacher Jason Reimer moved to a new room in the two hundred building a few weeks ago when the room he moved into was vacated by the move. He went from room 226 to room 203.

“I’m just now getting some computers for the room. There are people from CTE helping right now to update the room,” said Reimer. So far Reimer enjoys the new room, but it’s still a little blank so it’ll take some time for him to get everything situated.

“There was a teacher already in that room, but once they moved I was able to get in,” said Reimer.

For the most part, neither Reimer nor Pisapia thought there were any complications with teachers moving into their new rooms. Most were thrilled with their new "digs."

The 200 building has a much smaller population during the day since most of the teachers who moved into the new 1000 building previously met in the 200 building.

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