• Malia Howard

The Affects of COVID-19

By Malia Howard

Staff Writer

New year, new cases. Students at Canyon Hills High School notice a dramatic decrease in the amount of students after Winter Break. Many students are affected by COVID-19, there was lots of traveling and gatherings over break that caused an outbreak to occur.

“You can see the drastic difference at school because there are so many kids missing,” Junior Adrian Phillips says. The classrooms are empty and so many people are quarantined at home. Phillips had to stay home for ten days due to a close contact case.

With students being exposed, teachers are staying home one by one. COVID-19 is highly contagious which causes it to spread easily to the staff. It is difficult for the teachers and students to keep up with school work. Teachers have to make alternative arrangements for the students who had COVID-19. Some students didn’t feel well enough to even complete assignments.

Shortly after winter break is finals week. COVID-19 affected finals week because so many students were missing. The administration decided to come up with options for the students who were sick at home. If you were positive for COVID-19, you were either excused from finals, the final didn’t affect your grade, or you completed your final online at home. Students were very relieved and were grateful for these accommodations.

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